World History of Democracy: On-line Reviews

On-line reviews relevant to the study of the world history of democracy

Edited by Steven Muhlberger

Associate Professor of History, Nipissing University

World History of Democracy Site
Rather than laboriously post book reviews that may or may not be useful to you, the reader, I am putting links to archives that hold a large number of reviews accessible through search engines.

At the moment, in February of 1998, I am aware of two good sites.

The first is The Bryn Mawr Review site, and the search engine is accessible here. The BMR provides reviews of books in classical and medieval studies, and searching for the word "democracy" will produce a long list of works touching on Greek and specifically Athenian democracy.

The second is the H-Net Review Site. H-Net is a consortium of discussion lists and other resources for the whole field of history, and so its search site will give you access to many reviews in many different areas.

If you know of additional review archives that would be of interest to other students of democracy, please let me know.